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The Universal Payment Identifier

A better way for your users to send and receive payments

Open Source

Join a community improving payments with open standards and protocols.

Better UX

Replace complex account numbers with a simple ID that works across any payment network and currency.

Simple Tech Stack

Built on HTTP/DNS standards for easy deployment in any app, on any platform.

Integrate Into Your App in Minutes

Set up on your preferred platform with a few lines of code and minimal maintenance.

Receive Money

Set up a PayString server to provide your users PayStrings

Clone Repo



git clone git@github.com:paystring/paystring.git
cd paystring

Run Script


npm run devEnvUp

Send Money

Enable your users to send to PayStrings




curl --location --request GET 'https://ripplex.money/stormtv' \
--header 'Accept: application/xrpl-testnet+json, application/btc-mainnet+json' \
--header 'PayID-Version: 1.0'

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